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Our courses are run by either Charlotte, Hannah, Su or Naomi.
Find out more about each of them below. 

Hello! I'm Charlotte and I am a registered midwife and antenatal educator.

I’m a mother of four children, and I have 16 years of clinical experience as a nurse and midwife. I am a qualified KG hypnobirthing teacher.


I absolutely love my job as a community midwife and  I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate in the delivery of antenatal education to expectant parents. 

My own experience of antenatal education during my pregnancy with my 1st baby drives this enthusiasm. It enabled me to feel empowered and confident about childbirth and becoming a  new parent. I also made lifelong friends who  have been a constant source of support. My own positive experience is something I want to pass on and share with expectant parents. I look forward to meeting you at the beginning of your journey into parenthood! 


Hello! I'm Hannah and I am an experienced, registered midwife.

Over the last 15 years I have worked in various areas within nursing and midwifery including acute hospital settings, labour ward, antenatal and postnatal wards, midwifery-led units and breastfeeding community clinics.

I currently practice community midwifery where no two days are ever the same! I absolutely love my job and consider it a privilege to journey with families through this special time.

I believe excellent antenatal education is essential for all women and their partners. With excellent information comes a sense of control and empowerment in decisions and care plans. When I became a mother, I found building a community of local mums to share the journey with was absolutely essential to my wellbeing; having friends to share in the ups and downs of night feeds, first giggles, first steps and tantrums!


It was through these key moments of life I found some of my best lifelong friends and I want to do everything I can to make sure others get the same support.

Hello! I'm Su and I am an experienced midwife, practice nurse and antenatal educator.

Until very recently I had a long career of over 30 years as a midwife, which I loved!

I’ve facilitated and delivered antenatal classes throughout my career and  absolutely believe in their importance in enabling parents to feel informed and empowered.

I have 2 grown up children of whom I’m immensely proud. Being a Midwife whilst I was pregnant really meant that I was able to ask the right questions to the right people, which I feel enabled me to have a really positive birth experience myself. However, unfortunately, we had no access to antenatal classes where I was living and it was quite isolating with no local friends with babies or young children. This was also prehistoric times with no social media either! It was only once my daughter was a few months old and we started attending baby groups, I was able to socialise and share enjoyment, concerns & worries of being a new mum. I have no doubt that antenatal classes would have been hugely beneficial for us at that time.

To be able to help expectant parents at this life changing time  is a massive driving force for me. Within the classes at Nurture, my aim is to assist parents in their thirst for knowledge and reassurance for a positive birth experience, leading to becoming confident parents.


Hello! I'm Naomi and I am an experienced, registered midwife.



I'm Naomi, a midwife and mum to two young children. I am so excited to be joining the team at Nurture, as I have always felt so passionate about women and their families feeling knowledgeable and fully informed as they enter birth and early parenthood.


I have spent the last several years co-ordinating a midwifery-led unit, and am well-placed to educate expectant parents about the birth process and postnatal period. I strongly believe that women and their families are equipped to make good decisions, for them.


I am so excited to share my knowledge as both a midwife and a parent with expectant couples in my lovely hometown of Newport.

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